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Coexist or discriminate you choose

Year of production: 2017

Directed by: Joan Cobos

Institutional campaign against xenophobia of the Insular Council of Mallorca

The Class

The class proposes a journey through the life of two friends, two teenagers who are schoolmates. La classe is a work that talks about many themes, all of them present in our lives. Talks about the friendship between two men, with whom we discover a whole series of secrets that surround them, some secrets that could be of any of us. It also talks about personal maturity, the decisions that have to be made as it grows and how these decisions shape our lives.

Lost in Cabrera

Year of production: 2015

Directed by: Carlos Garrido

Edited by: Ivo Erasmo

A trip to the island of Cabrera where you can hear first-hand the witnesses of its inhabitants over the centuries ... shipwrecks, pirates, monks,  french prisoners...

High Tide

Year of production: 2001

Directed by: Joan Carles Martorell

Produced By: Cinètica

Erica, Marc and Albert –a married couple and a friend–undertake a sea trip on boat along the South Cost of

Majorca. The three of them, together with Albert's partner Bea, have been very good friends for a long time. During the trip, however, Erica faces an unexpected situation.

"Plenamar" premiered at the 2011 Seminci International Film Festival in Valladolid and won the prize for best Spanish short-film of the year at the 2012 Cortogenia Festival in Madrid. It is a story about a married couple and their friend who spend a weekend together sailing in the Mediterranean, off the southern coast of Mallorca.


Year of production: 2012

Directed by: Javi Pueyo

Produced by: Pueyo, Gener & Cos

Shortcut "Rats" directed by Javier Pueyo. Screenplay, Marta Barceló.

Music,  Cibersheep.


-Premio ART JOVE a mejor corto Balear

-Mejor corto balear MEDIT. Fesival de cine de la mediterranea

-Mejor corto en català FESTIVAL DE CINEMA D'ELX

-Mejor guión en el SUSPIRA FEST De Alicante

Como todas la mañanas (Like every morning)

Year of production: 2013

Directed By: Toni Nievas

Produced By: Xavi Borrell & Toni Nievas

A documentary about people in crisis.  With Berto Romero, Dani Mateo, Elena Ballesteros, Didac Alcaraz, Master Felix, Rodo Gener, Araceli Gutierrez, Josep Maria Raventos, Salvador Oliva and Joan Bibiloni. Sound. Eric Krygelmans. Script, direction and editing Toni Nievas.

"Recuerdos para Ivanov"

Year of production: 2008

Directed by Pep Tosar

Produced by: Teatre Principal de Palma

Un texto de Pep Tosar y Albert Tola, revisión del clásico de Txekov "Ivanov".

- Premio de la crítica 2009 a la mejor Dirección.

- Premio de la crítica Serra d'Or al Mejor espectáculo.

Death of Lady

Year of production: 2009

Directed by Rafel Duran

Produced by: Teatro Nacional de Catalunya

Written By Llorenç Villalonga. Adaptation: Marc Rosich y Rafel Duran.

Butaca Awards:

Best actress (Mercè Arànega)- Best costume design

Escénica Awards:

Best Show- Best director- Best theatrical script - Best set design- Best costume design

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